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NAXOS Presents the New CD Album of Hayk Melikyan Alexander Arutiunian was one of the most prominent composers in the USSR, one of the representatives of the Armenian ‘Mighty Handful’ and much admired by Shostakovich. An accomplished pianist, Arutiunian created virtuoso piano works that are rooted in Armenian folk traditions while expressing, in the words of Hayk Melikyan, “a rich palette of emotions reflecting both his time and the history of his nation”.

The Album includes world premiere recordings.

Album Release: February, 2017.
NAXOS Presents the New CD of Hayk Melikyan

NAXOS' GRAND PIANO presents the Complete Original Works for Piano Solo of Arno Bababdjanian, one of the Leading Armenian Composers of the 20th Century. This is the first time all the works of Babadjanian for piano solo are collected in one Album except the one performed and recorded by the Composer himself during the Soviet period. The music of Babadjanian performs Hayk Melikyan.

To purchase the CD, please, go to Amazon.com.

...Hayk Melikyan...has power and agility to spare, with plenty of attention to inner voicings. He is never at a loss for style or direction in any of this music, which is pretty impressive when you consider that it really represents two very different styles. He is always flexible and persuasively colorful in the nationalistic material, careful to articulate every line and give it its proper weight in the rest. And any musician who can differentiate between the two voices in the latter, manic half of the Poem, that often sound like a single line chasing its own tail, deserves recognition for his insight and technique.

Barry Brenesal
Fanfare Magazine

... I am very grateful to Hayk Melikyan that he took the risk of creating that piece.

György Kurtág

...On a pu apprécier l’Arménien Hayk Melikyan à la démoniaque virtuosité...

Laurent Vilarem
La Lettre du Musicien

...Vient ensuite Hayk Melikyan, qui construit sa fugue BWV 891 de J.S.Bach avec un beau sens de l'architecture…

Nicolas Blanmont
La Libre Belgique









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